Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heri's co-worker

I posted this several weeks ago on the DrawingBoard's Caricaturist's Caricatures thread. There's link in the thread that stockpiles the participants' photos. This one is of Heri's co-worker. I think her name is Heather. Great photo reference.


redhedinsted said...

Hi Terry! This is Heather, the goofy looking one you did a caricature of. I just wantd to say I love the illustration you made, haha! Heri sent me your blog and I just wanted to say hello and would love to do a caricature of you in return. :)

Terry Elliott said...

Hey Heather...that was one of the funniest photos I've ever seen. Great facial control, I must say, and you're ability to focus is uncanny. Hope your eyes didn't get stuck like that. haha! I'll try to send you a reference photo this week. I would be honored to get a caricature from you. Your stuff is absolutely amazing. You're so talented. Thanks!!